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What web marketing actions to increase sales on the Internet?

More and more of you are getting into online sales, but few are getting out of the game. Being an e-merchant cannot be improvised and it is essential to know how to master certain web marketing tools to be visible to your ideal customer and then stay in contact with him, but also to create a link with your customers, build their loyalty and make them ambassadors of your brand.

Web marketing tool n°1: social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Video… The more you are present on social networks and the more subscribers or followers you have, the better you will be referenced on search engines.

Which ones to choose? The ones on which your ideal customers are!

The number 1 social network is of course Facebook with 31 million active users in France (1.71 billion worldwide). For your communication on Facebook to be effective, it is obviously essential to publish fun, original and human content on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this will not be enough because the organic reach of Facebook publications is very low (only 10% to 20% of your likes see your publications). The interest on Facebook is therefore to promote your page, your publications or your e-shop directly to a very targeted community thanks in particular to Facebook’s advertising tools. Gender, age group, geographical origin, language, center of interest, profession, the targeting criteria are numerous,

Image social networks like Instagram but also Pinterest, coupled with other networks, are the ones that convert the best to your e-store. Showcase your universe, your sources of inspiration, your backstage and of course your products on these interactive virtual showcases in order to attract traffic to your online store.

Google Plus being Google’s social network, it’s a shame to leave it out. However, its interest remains only that of referencing.

Twitter meanwhile, can allow you to get in touch quite easily with bloggers or bloggers but also with journalists.

You must also be present on LinkedIn and Video, the two main professional social networks if your customers and prospects are there.

Web marketing tool n°2: create and animate a blog

The content of your merchant site is one of the 3 pillars of good SEO Agency. The more articles you write on your blog around the lexical field of your activity and your products, the better you will be visible on Google. The blog is an essential tool for your web marketing action plan and above all it is a free tool!

So, take some time each week or each month to write about your universe, your values, your manufacturing methods, your team, your products, but above all advise and show your expertise!

Once written, distribute these articles on all your social networks but also to your customer file by email…

Web marketing tool n°3: run email campaigns

Emailing is the marketing tool with the best return on investment and it is constantly increasing. It is still a tool that can be free with certain emailing software, in particular MailChimp, Mail Poet, Mail Jet, etc., which are limited in the number of sending’s, but are most often suitable for starting out free of charge. They allow you to regularly send by email your news, news, blog articles to your customers or prospects.

Here again, certain rules must be applied to guarantee good deliverability, a good opening rate and a good click-through rate to your site: use professional routing tools, respect the proportion of 60% text / 40% images, arouse the interest of your recipients, reassure them, optimize your call-to-action buttons…

But above all: have a qualified and clean recipient file (without incorrect addresses). Encourage visitors to your e-store to subscribe to your newsletter by offering them, for example, a discount on their first purchase or a welcome gift. Without it, they won’t sign up, and if you don’t send them your newsletters, they may never come back to your e-shop.

Finally, create automatic email chains after they sign up.

Web marketing tool n°4: monitor your e-reputation and respond to reviews

The satisfaction of your customers must be your priority because a happy customer talks about it to 3 people and a dissatisfied customer talks about it to 11 people and there the impact on your sales can be fatal.

First, take the lead and send a satisfaction questionnaire to your customers after they order, it shows that their opinions matter to you. In case of dissatisfaction, you will be able to provide a quick response and show that you are attentive to your customers’ comments. This may prevent them from venting on forums or online review sites.

Also monitor everything that is said about your brand on the web with the help of National Seo Service. Tools exist such as Netvibes, Social Mention, Alert, Google Alert, and of course respond to negative reviews with professionalism to show that you are responsive and attentive, also respond to positive reviews to thank the author and insist on the strengths of your products.

Integrating reviews directly into your online store will be a determining factor in reassuring your potential e-buyers.


These tools are easy to use, but if used incorrectly, they will not be effective and you will waste time and money. However, they are essential to boost traffic to your online store and retain your customers. If you want to put the odds on your side to use these tools like a pro, I recommend that you take the web marketing training of Lucie de Motile, from Web with Me, with whom I work regularly on creation or optimization projects. of e-shops. Lucie is an e-commerce consultant and web marketing trainer, she supports e-merchants and future e-merchants throughout their e-commerce project and helps them boost their online sales.

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