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Top 4 Magnificent Monuments In Hong Kong

Monuments are the symbol of history. The ancient places tell their story by themself. The old architectural buildings show their beauty through their structure. These monuments have the ability to attract more tourists. Like, Hong Kong has its own popularity through its monuments. These historical buildings give you a jaw-dropping experience on every visit. The perfect wall craving and elegant painted old-style buildings fascinate its visitors and provide them a piece of historical information. Most tourist love to visit to see the elegant style of the ancient structure.

Moreover, if you love to see these historical buildings, must come to Hong Kong. It would indulge you in its architectural beauty. These historical buildings are the beauty of Hong Kong and the reason for their popularity. Here are some magnificent monuments of Hong Kong waiting for your visit. For more exciting offers click here and grab them before ending

1- Big Buddha

Big Buddha is the most historical statue of Hon Kong. It was completed in the year 1993. It tells the religious history of Hong Kong. You can reach there by ferry and bus. This giant monument is made up of bronze and gold, which gives it a more vibrant touch of old architecture. It shows the tuneful relationship between nature and man, faith and god. It is the main place for worshippers in Hong Kong for Buddhism. To get updated and click here Agoda deal.

2- St. Johns Cathedral

St. John’s Cathedral is the most historical church in Hong Kong. It was built in 1840. It is famous as the mother of all churches in the Anglican Diocese of Hong Kong. An amazing architectural building with a disserting style of windows that open in front of a tropical land. In old times it was in used by British Army. After that, it was used as the clubhouse of Japanese.

3- Wanchai Livelihood Museum

Wanchai Livelihood Museum is a big blue historical building of the 1920s with a sharp blue external style. The exhibitions and regular shows organized tells variety of historical stories about this old museum of Hong Kong. If you are more curious to know about these stories so you have to visit this museum to know the most amazing stories of ancient times. It is the Hong Kong’s first museum of livelihood.

4- Sam Tung UK Museum

Sam Tung UK Museum is the elevated historical museum of Hong Kong. It is located in the Tsuen Wan region. A very well knowns ancient building famous for its three beam floors. In the 18th century, the Hakka village was converted into a museum by Chan Chan. it was built in the 1980s and it is the oldest architectural reform with a traditional style structural look. Due to some changes which enhanced its ancient beauty.

5- Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery is one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries. It was built in 1906 and is famous for its amazing architectural style. It has a spacious hall that can gather ten thousand Buddhas would make this place more majestic. It was known as Big Hut, then later its name has been changed in 1924 to Po Lin Monastery. A variety of wooden bracelets are made and sold near this museum.

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