High Budget Shows that Started a Trend

Have you ever finished watching a series and wondered why it was so good? It is because the production and the budget were of high quality. The work on the storyline, mixed with expensive CGIs and makeup, blends into a perfect screen quality, making us appreciate the series.

A perfect movie or show is brought to us by the teamwork and association of many teams. What we see on the screen is flawless, but the effort it takes to bring it forward is worth thousands. In the history of Television, we have advanced a lot in media distribution. Not just with movies, we now have great investments in TV shows and series.

The Lord Of The Rings: Rings of Power

This television series has surpassed the high budget of $281 million for The Lord Of The Rings film sequence with the allocation of $58 million per episode. The movie is told to be the highest-numbered series ever to have a combined budget of $465 million. It is Amazon Prime’s most-grossing series, which has won 475 awards out of 800 nominations.

All of the wonderful recognition by the fans made this series to be the most honored TV series in the history of cinema. Besides the allocation of such precious fame, the story isn’t just a regular one. This epic TV series is set way before the era of The Hobbit, where kingdoms were set with heroic deeds. The rise and fall of empires during the time of Middle Earth being afraid of rising evil. The symbolic script and the sceneries showcase the darkest parts of the Misty Mountains, nocturnal forests, and the peaceful island scenery of the kingdom of Númenor.

After witnessing the beauty of the series, it is no wonder that the series is capable of sweeping all the awards and recognition towards itself.

Stranger Things

With one of the longest-running TV series, Stranger Things is no stranger to success. With a huge triumph over their latest season, Stranger Things doesn’t gatekeep their budget of $30 million per episode. With real-life monsters to the HD quality of destruction, it is understandable that this series grossed higher than its previous season.

It has gone from a simple story of a lost boy with 80’s themes to a darker concept involving secret Russian politics and military performance. Moreover, it now involves expensive CGIs that make room for more budget, which equaled $270 million for the combined sum of season 4 that aired in the top half of 2022.


With the huge success, Marvel isn’t only confined to films as they have broadened their reach towards TV shows. With the rise of streaming platforms, Marvel Cinematic Universe has released several shows like Loki, WandaVision, Hawkeye, etc., with a stable flow in recognition and airing.

Without a doubt, WandaVision, with a big CGI and makeup, calls for a big budget of $25 million per episode and $400 million altogether. WandaVision has received 32 awards out of 115 nominations.

The Pacific

After the release of The Pacific, it was known to be the most expensive series of all time. With a budget of $20 million per episode, this miniseries revolves around the history of World War II when America and Japan were at war.

Viewers praised the Pacific for the accurate historical facts showcased in the series. With a big name like Tom Hanks, known for his praiseworthy experience, the series reached its goals and even soared through the sky. In addition, the depiction of a real lifelike war paints a true picture, making this series much better than a typical TV show.

The Mandalorian

At $15 million per episode, this series gained huge popularity after the success of Star Wars. As one of the earliest series on Disney+, The Mandalorian is a live-action TV series that follows a bounty hunter with a young Yoda species by his side as both venture to find Yoda’s family and help him reunite.

This series is set after the occurrences of Return of the Jedi, another hit film of the Star Wars film series. After receiving 32 awards out of 105 nominations, The Mandalorian has gained amazing popularity and recognition.

Game of Thrones

When it started in 2011, Game of Thrones had a normal budget of $5 – 6 million per episode. But towards the end of the series, the budget rose to $15 million per episode with great involvement of Computer-Generated Images (CGI) and constant traveling between the UK, Iceland, Spain, Croatia, Malta, and Morocco to film in different locations.

The plot includes kingdoms, swords, knights, and noble families at war over a mythical land Westeros. This land isn’t just a piece of mud; it is the land that involves seven kingdoms. This fictional story in Game of Thrones showcases the characters as they seek love, redemption, and revenge.

Though the series will end in 2019, there’s no reason why people should stop watching it. It is an HBO classic; you can also watch this on Hulu. With the popularity of Hulu this year, it’s no wonder you can stream many movies and series on Hulu.

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Final Remarks

In conclusion, high budget shows have played a crucial role in shaping the television industry. With high production values, intricate storylines, and exceptional performances, these shows have captured the attention of audiences and set a new standard in the entertainment industry. The success of these shows has inspired other networks and streaming platforms to invest more in their productions, leading to a shift in the quality of content available to viewers. The trend of high budget shows is here to stay, and audiences can expect to see more ambitious and impressive productions in the future. Overall, these shows have not only entertained us but also paved the way for a new era of television that promises to offer more innovative and exciting viewing experiences.

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