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Vastu tips for home

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience, but it’s important to make sure that your living space is in harmony with the laws of Vastu. Vastu is an ancient Indian practice that helps us to align our homes with the energy of nature. It is believed that following Vastu tips can bring positive energy and prosperity into your home. If you are moving into a new home, it is important to follow Vastu’s tips in order to create a peaceful and harmonious environment. With the help of these tips, you can ensure that your home is filled with positivity and good vibes.

Vastu tips for a new home include ensuring that the entrance of your house faces east or north, placing furniture in the right direction, and keeping certain areas free from clutter. By following these simple steps, you can create an environment that promotes peace and harmony in your home.

Basic Vastu Principles for Homes

  • The shape of the room: Examining the geometry of the rooms is one of the Vastu recommendations for new construction. According to Vastu, a square or rectangular-shaped house is the best shape for a dwelling.
  • Vastu for Room: The home’s rooms have to be spacious, clean, and well-lit.
  • Regarding Furniture: Heavy furniture, such as beds and cabinets, should be placed towards the South-West according to Vastu for homes. Building stairs with the southwest orientation in mind is a fast Vastu suggestion for new homes.
  • Water according to Vastu: Keeping plants and objects that contain water, such as an aquarium, water fountain, or painting, is a crucial Vastu recommendation for the home.
  • Dining room Vastu’s advice: It’s crucial that the dining table not be located close to the front entrance.

Vastu Direction for the Entrance: Vastu Advice for New Homes

The main door of the house serves as both the family’s entryway and a focus of energy and vibes, according to Vastu’s advice for new homes. Your home should have its main entrance facing north, east, or northeast. You have to have it constructed such that when you go outside, you face either north, east, or northeast. Check the plan carefully before making a purchase or beginning construction on a home.

Tips to consider while constructing the front door of your home:

  • When building the entryway, choose wood of the highest caliber.
  • A fountain or other ornament with a water theme should not be placed outside the main entryway.
  • Don’t put a trash can or shoe rack outside the entryway.
  • Do not build a restroom close to the entrance.
  • The door should open with the clock.
  • Place no sculptures or figurines of animals close to the entryway.

Dining hall vaastu – vaastu for the home

The greatest results will be obtained if your dining hall is located in the West zone if it has its own distinct space. You can choose to go to the north, east, or south if for some reason it is not feasible. But do your best to stay away from the southwest zone direction, since it is not a good Vastu for house direction for the dining room. You may also visit décorchamp for more information.

Vaastu For Stairs – Vaastu For Home

For the sake of harmony and tranquility in the home, the placement of the staircase must be done correctly according to Vastu. A staircase should face southwest according to Vastu for homes. You should speak with a Vastu specialist before considering any other directions, though. But keep in mind that the staircase location must be avoided at all costs towards the northeast.

Vastu For Living Room – Vastu Tips For New Homes

The living room in any home serves as both the hub of activity and the place where visitors are welcomed. Clutter shouldn’t be present in the living area. Your new house must have the living room or front door facing east, north, or northeast. Additionally, the furnishings in such space should face west or southwest. By doing this, you may be confident that your house is Vastu-dosh-free.

Focus on these ideas for the living room.

Bedroom Vastu: Vastu Tips For New Homes

Bedrooms should face southwest for optimal health and happy relationships. While a bedroom facing southeast might result in arguments and confrontations between couples, the northeast orientation is unhealthy. The bed’s head should be facing west, and it should be positioned in the southwest corner of the space.

Guidelines to keep in mind while decorating a bedroom:

  • In front of the bed, there shouldn’t be a mirror or television. Because it might lead to household disturbances and arguments, it is best to avoid looking at the reflection when you’re in bed.
  • Neutral or earthy tones should be used when painting the walls of the bedroom since they give off a nice atmosphere. It shouldn’t be dark on the walls.
  • The bedroom shouldn’t contain a temple.
  • Water or fountain paintings shouldn’t be in the bedroom since they might trigger emotional outbursts.
  • To create a serene retreat, mood lighting should be employed. You may also burn aromatic oils.

Vastu Advice For New Homes – Kitchen Vastu

The kitchen should be constructed at the southeast corner of the house, according to Saral Vastu. When designing a kitchen, stay away from the north, northeast, and southwest sides of the home. Kitchen appliances should ideally face southeast as well.

Proper Ventilation – Vastu Shastra For Homes

The necessary components are sufficient ventilation and lighting. Every room in the house needs enough ventilation and frequent sunshine, according to VastuShastra for homes. This will improve energy flow and cheerfulness.

New Home Vastu Tips – Vastu Colors

Vastu for the house gives great importance to the colors we choose to decorate our homes. As a result, avoid using dark hues. For a more uplifting effect, choose colors like white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue.

In this article, we have thoroughly discussed some of the most important Vastu tips for new homes. We hope you can use these tips to ensure that your home is aligned with positive energy and bring peace, joy, and abundance into your life.

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