Victorinox Favourites: Top 8 Swiss Army Watch In Canada For Women!

Swiss Army Watch In Canada!

Swiss Army Knives are a household name. They are as popular today as they have ever been. Their venturing into Swiss watches and timepieces has become equally popular and successful. 

Although many are not aware that Victorinox is THE Swiss Army knife brand, it has still garnered huge popularity due to its quality. Victorinox has a wide collection of watches for men and women and you can Shop Swiss Army Watch Online. 

To help you get started, here is a list of the best watches from Victorinox for women. This list is a carefully collected balance of looks, functionality, and functions available. So go ahead and get started. 

Alliance Small – 241833 

The Alliance Small (241833) is a most elegant piece of watch. It is gorgeous in all silver. It comes with a silver bracelet strap made of stainless steel. The bezel is polished to perfection and the dial has a sunray brushed finish. 

This watch comes with an Analog Quartz movement with the date feature. It is water resistant to up to 10 ATMs. While the dial is not backlit, the hands are luminescent. It is light, weighing only 92g with a diameter of 35, and a height of 8mm. 

As long as you buy this Swiss Army Watch In Canada from an authorized retailer, you also get an extended warranty of up to 5 years from the date of purchase. It also has the most elegant moon phase feature. 

The hours are elegantly placed. The whole watch exudes elegance, class, and underrated aesthetics. It will go well with any wardrobe choice or event. It is a one-time buy that you will want to hold on to forever. 

The Maverick Small – 241609

The Maverick Small is a sturdier watch that is elegant and highly functional. It is large with a diameter of 34mm and a height of 8mm. It weighs 116g and is a tough watch. This watch brings out a gorgeous combination of blue and silver. 

The bracelet, bezel, and case are silver and made of stainless steel material. The dial is the most beautiful blue with a circular brushed finish. The bezel has a polished finish like the Alliance Small.

This watch has a double-locking safety clasp and a stainless steel, silver bracelet strap. It shows the date and has luminescent hands. An Analog Quartz movement powers this watch. 

Moreover, you can also get the Maverick Small with a blue rubber strap. You also get a rotating bezel and a counting scale. It is water-resistant well upto a 100m. 

I.N.O.X V – 241768

The I.N.O.X V(241768) peppy, fun, and adventurous watch. This watch comes with a rubber strap and you can find other color variations too. This watch is a classic combination of silver and black. 

The bezel and case are made of the highest-grade stainless steel material. The case and bezel are silver colored and the dial and bracelet are black. The black dial framed by the silver bezel is a striking and bold look.

The bezel is polished-brushed and the dial is a gorgeous matt finish. The rubber strap is connected to a regular buckle and the watch functions on Analog Quartz. Other variations of the watch also show minor changes. 

The Alliance XS – 241879 (Gold)

This a most elegant watch for the most dignified lady. The Alliance XS is classically feminine with 11 Swarovski crystals beautifully placed as hour markers. These crystals elevate a level of sophistication to its elegance. 

The dial comes in gold and is finished with a striking mother of pearl. This pairs beautifully with the mesh gold bracelet. The case is silver while the bezel is rose gold. It runs on Analog Quartz. 

The Alliance XS – 241879 in gold is a classic timepiece. It is a great accessory to own and will be the perfect match for the little black dress. Get this Swiss Army Watch In Canada and take that black dress out of your closet. 

I.N.O.X. V – 241920 Paracord Bracelet

This bold and iconic timepiece defines the adventurous woman. The paracord bracelet strap will be a perfect fit for those hikes and treks. The gray color is the perfect somber choice for any outdoor activity. 

The grey dial is bordered by black, finished off with a silver bezel is a sight to behold. The matt finish of the dial blends well with the paracord bracelet. The bezel and case are made of stainless steel. This functions on Analog Quarts. 

It is only 74g, easy to carry, and has a diameter of 37mm. The I.N.O.X. V is also water resistant( 10 ATM.) Shop Swiss Army Watch Online to make this sporty number your next accessory.

The Alliance XS – 241838

The Alliance XS is a highly feminine and dressy watch. It is an absolutely elegant, and graceful watch. This magnificent timepiece comes with a black leather strap that is just the perfect width for dainty, graceful, and feminine wrists. 

While the bracelet is black, the dial is a gorgeous silver white. The silvery-white dial is bordered by a silver bezel. The bezel and case are made of stainless steel, the strap is pure black leather. 

The Alliance XS is fitted with the Analog Quartz movement. This watch also has luminescent hands. It can prove to be a great daily wear watch as well as supplement bow-tie outfits. You can Shop Swiss Army Watch Online anywhere in Canada.

I.N.O.X. V – 241880

This watch is a gorgeous combination of black and gold. There is no better pair or match than black and gold and this watch proves that. While the paracord strap makes it a perfect outdoorsy watch, it will not look like a misfit anywhere else either. 

It can pull off the perfect professional as well as sporty look. It weighs 99g and has a diameter of 37mm. The bracelet is gorgeous black, and the dial is black and bordered by the most beautiful rose-gold bezel. 

The I.N.O.X V comes with an Analog Quartz movement and a matt dial finish. This, with a stainless steel bezel and case, makes a gorgeous timepiece. It is also highly water resistant up to 20 ATM.

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