How CVD Diamonds Are Different From Other Kinds Of Diamonds?

A CVD diamond differs from other kinds of diamonds in the following way: CVD diamonds are artificial lab-created diamonds created by chemical vapour deposition (CVD). They’re different from the diamond gems you find in jewellery stores because they’re grown in labs and not found naturally. In this way, they’re also similar to lab-created sapphires, rubies and emeralds, which are created artificially as well.

CVD Diamonds Are Made In A Lab

CVD diamonds, also known as lab-grown diamonds, have been around for a while now. You may already have some in your jewellery collection! But what is a CVD diamond? Why should you buy one instead of a natural diamond? And how do they compare in price? Here’s everything you need to know about this popular gemstone. 

CVD diamonds differ from other kinds of diamonds because they are not mined like natural diamonds. They are grown with hydrocarbons that react on a heat-resistant plate and produce the desired crystal by forming carbon atoms, which make up the rough shape of the lab diamonds. The crystal is then cut and polished to create the final product. The process takes less than half the time it takes to mine a natural diamond, which means that it can be more readily available at an affordable cost. 

CVD diamonds aren’t perfect: Like any other stone, CVD diamonds will have slight imperfections when placed under intense scrutiny. If perfection is your main concern when buying an engagement ring or piece of jewellery, you might want to opt for a naturally formed diamond instead. That being said, these stones are still beautiful and offer excellent value for money – just keep in mind that their appearance may vary slightly from stone to stone due to variations during production (i.e., if one grows better than another).

They Have Better Clarity Than Mined Diamonds

CVD diamonds have better clarity than mined diamonds because they do not go through the same process to create them. Mining is a tough process and can often leave behind inclusions that can’t be seen with the naked eye. These inclusions make it difficult for diamond sellers to accurately grade their diamond’s clarity. As a result, many mined diamonds are given an artificially high clarity grade by their sellers to increase the sale price. This creates a problem for buyers since they may believe that they’re getting a higher quality diamond than they are.

They’re Less Expensive Than Mined Diamonds

Traditional diamonds, or mined diamonds, come to us via a lengthy and expensive process. Firstly, the diamond is found in the earth’s crust which requires specialized equipment for extraction. Once extracted, the rough diamond will then be cut and polished into a beautiful stone. This process can take months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars! The process also creates a lot of waste that isn’t environmentally friendly. 

CVD (chemical vapour deposition) diamonds are different because they are created artificially in a lab setting instead of mine in the earth’s crust.

They’re Ethically Sourced

The process to create a CVD diamond is more complicated than just cutting up a crystal and polishing it. A lab has to start with a thin slice of crystal, typically alumina, or aluminium oxide. This material is heated until it becomes very, very hot. The heat causes the atoms to vibrate and release electrons which form free radicals, or molecules with an unpaired electron in them. These free radicals then attack the surface of the alumina producing more free radicals which cause more attacks on the alumina’s surface. This reaction continues until there is no more aluminium oxide left in the lab.

CVD Diamonds Can Be Any Colour

A CVD diamond is a diamond that has been grown in a lab using a chemical vapour deposition process. The most popular use for these types of diamonds is to colour them different colours, as they can be any colour. Unlike some other types of diamonds, the colour isn’t natural, so it doesn’t affect the cost or quality. It’s possible to get blue, green, yellow and pink stones that look just like other more expensive and natural stones. When you buy one of these diamonds, you know what you’re getting because the colouring doesn’t change. You also don’t have to worry about having a stone fade over time because it’s not natural.

CVD diamonds have all the same qualities as other kinds but with a bonus – you can get them in any colour!

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