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Quality Granite Worktops For Kitchen: Become An Expert In Granite With 5 Easy Steps

The Problems We Face

Choosing a worktop for the kitchen is not an easy task. It is especially difficult when you have to choose from a patterned worktop such as granite worktops in Luton. Granite comes in hundreds and hundreds of colors and patterns. Since this change in pattern is caused by the deposit of various minerals, it is difficult to categorize it. Some speculate that there are more than three thousand types of granite. Fear not, you will never have to choose from such a large variety. Most granite worktop suppliers will have a little over two hundred colors to choose from. It can still be difficult to choose due to the variety of colors and patterns. At the same time, this problem is not without a solution. There are a few surefire ways to pick the best possible granite worktop for your kitchen. You will never again be disappointed nor feel that the end product is different from what you imagined at the store. 

The First Sight

The first pattern that you fall in love with is highly important. There is a reason that it caught your eye. Even if you don’t realize it, your mind will tell you the best fit for your kitchen, all things considered. So while you explore more options, keep this piece that grabbed your eye in mind. You can come back to this at a later time. As you leave your home, you have a clearer view of your home, cabinets, lighting, and wall and floor colors. The first granite worktops in Luton to catch your eye will blend in with all of these. On the other hand, the more worktops that you keep looking at, the more clouded this vision gets. At the same time, viewing other possibilities will make it clearer to yourself, why the first slab is suitable. So when you come back to it after viewing other products, you will have better clarity as to which quality granite worktops for the kitchen will suit you better. As such, keep tabs on the very first one and come back to it. 

Don’t Fall For The Glitter

Any granite slab is only as good as its components. Some areas may have an excess of mica that causes it to glitter and shine. Geologists refer to this as Schist. While schists are equally gorgeous, they have nowhere near the strength of granite worktops in Luton. So if you’re looking for a robust and sturdy worktop, then schist is not the right choice for you. You can research to identify the difference or you can ask your supplier for clarity. They tend to categorize schist as granite for many reasons but if you ask them, they will tell you the truth. 

The Grades Don’t Matter

The grades used in stores to categorize granite are not as deep as you think. It is simply for categorization and it is based on colour groupings. Unless the granite worktops are specially sourced from various countries, they will fall under a general price range. The grades do not denote quality, origin or any assessment of how premium it is. On the other hand, the quality of worktops in all the grades varies according to their composition. If you’re looking for the strongest granite worktop you can find, you should ask your supplier. They’ll guide you to the best of their products. Moreover, you may also find a better quality product in the lower grades, of which the pattern may be more pleasing to you as well. So keep an eye out for durability, strength and design rather than grade. Additionally, you can also look up online to find precise details about granite before you go shopping for the worktop. This way you can rely on yourself for honest information. 

From The Store To Your Home

When you’re shopping for quality granite worktops for kitchen, remember that what you see is not what you will get. At least, not exactly. This is not a supplier trick to sell you their worktop, it is simply a fact of granite. Granite patterns vary highly. A granite slab is not like another. Even if they are cut from the same quarry.  It is a unique pattern caused by mineral deposits. As such, you may have fallen in love with a display piece, the veins across it, but you may not get the same or even anything similar. Your supplier will provide you with the same type of granite but cut from elsewhere. Because of this, be sure to check various pieces of the same granite. If the store displays a large island worktop, you will only get less than half its size if you get it for worktops and cabinet tops. This essentially means that a large area of the design you liked will be lost to you. Always remember – full slab vs how much of it will go on top of your cabinetry. 

Never Underestimate The Sample

All worktop suppliers will be happy to provide you with samples of the pieces that you have shown a preference for. Many homeowners make the mistake of passing this up. Don’t make this mistake, Take the samples they provide and ask for more. Be sure to take samples of everything that seems appealing to you. Once you get home, take a look at these samples in your kitchen lighting. Preferably leave it in the kitchen for a day or two. View it in different lighting of the day, with the window open and closed. This is a great way for you to figure out exactly how it will look in your kitchen and your home. Moreover, you can also find out how it matches your cabinetry. If your cabinetry is yet to be installed, request samples again later or let them know you will need it for longer. In addition to this, you can also use this opportunity to find out if you would like granite worktops in other areas of your home. 

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