Is Buying Spotify Plays Still Work?


Spotify is a streaming service for music, podcasts, and videos. Simple tasks, such as playing music, are entirely free. Spotify Premium, on the other hand, is an alternative.

There are four levels of Spotify Premium: Individual, Duo, Family, and Student. Monthly fees for Individual plans are $9.99, Duo plans are $12.99, Family plans are $15.99, and Student plans are $4.99.

Purchasing Spotify plays can be a challenging and confusing task. It’s not precisely apparent what this artificial promotion’s guidelines, benefits, and semantics are.

We’ve put together a thorough explanation of the advantages and disadvantages as well as the how-tos of purchasing Spotify plays.

How to Pick a Service to Buy Plays on Spotify?

To help you limit options, consider the following factors when choosing a service:

  • Secure website
  • Clear pricing
  • A normal delivery period
  • Customer feedback
  • Safe payment gateways information and FAQs


Cons and Advantages of Purchasing Spotify Plays

Even if you now understand how to purchase Spotify streams, you may still be unsure if this is the best course to follow. It may appear to be a hazardous method, and the payoff is only guaranteed in fictitious numbers.

On the other side, purchasing plays is a quick and practical approach to succeed and establish credibility with your audience. It is a unique opportunity in the music business.


There are various benefits to purchasing streams, some more visible than others. They include the following:

  • Increased awareness

Your music will appear in more playlists and receive more recommendations as your account’s stream count rises. If more people hear your music, more people will listen to it. If luck is on your side, significant industry recordings and labels might even hear your music.

  • An improved reputation

When a potential fan looks out at your artist page, the higher the numbers, the more likely they are to click. There’s a good reason why your most streamed music is listed among the first items on your profile.

  • Quicker growth

A music career moves slowly in its early stages, whether months or years. You can avoid waiting months for people to discover your music and acquire organic streams if you can increase your numbers quickly.

  • Reducing time

You don’t need to spend time marketing or interacting with other artists if you buy plays for your tunes to attempt and increase your audience size. Instead, you may concentrate on creating and perfecting your music to provide your audience with more content.

  • Improved efficiency

If music has more stars, the Spotify algorithm will recommend it to new users and include it in the customised playlists and “Similar Music” it creates. Your music will therefore remain on the top trending lists for longer than it would have otherwise.


There are several hazards and consequences associated with faulty buying streams. 

  • The bot detection in Spotify

If Spotify learns that you are purchasing streams, your account will be severely compromised. You might be marked, limiting your options, Spotify might take down the song, or your account might even get stopped or banned.

  • Inferior effort

Your songs may worsen under Spotify’s algorithm if the bots streaming them aren’t listening to the entire song. Spotify will assume that no one enjoys your music if the tracks are primarily skipped and receive no interactions. Despite the more remarkable statistics, you won’t be suggested as frequently in such cases.

  • It can damage your reputation.

Other musicians and music producers can distinguish between organic and paid streams, even though most listeners won’t be able to. When it becomes clear that you have been purchasing plays, your standing in the business may suffer greatly. Additionally, purchasing plays can reduce or eliminate your prospects of being signed by a more prominent label or working with more significant artists that won’t match up.

Your account will start to appear suspicious if you have a lot of streams on your tracks but notably disproportionate amounts of followers and likes. Prospective fans could find this offensive. It is absolutely up to you whether or not to purchase plays. However, when considering whether or not to implement this technique, you should bear these advantages and disadvantages in mind.

Are Spotify Plays Worth Purchasing?

You are now aware of the dangers associated with purchasing Spotify plays. The most crucial query is whether or not purchasing Spotify plays is worthwhile.

Many people purchase Spotify plays. Even though Spotify’s terms of service expressly prohibit it, purchasing streams is a pervasive issue for the service, affecting everyone from the most significant artists trying to reach the top of the charts to smaller indie musicians trying to edge out their rivals.

Two royalties from Spotify’s sales are distributed monthly to the platform’s artists. The distribution of these royalties considers the number of streams each artist received during the given month. Contrary to popular belief, Spotify underlines that it does not compensate musicians on a per-play or per-stream basis.

The artists who can afford to purchase streams will receive higher royalties if these streams are intentionally influenced. You aren’t just increasing your financial situation by collecting royalties on manufactured streams. You’re stealing it from other artists working just as hard to establish their careers.

Despite ethical concerns, purchasing streams can cost you more than just money. If your account is suspended or your song is deleted, you risk losing your whole fan base.

For instance, your admirers will discover that you’ve been purchasing streams if your account is suspended. The majority of people view buying streams as unethical, and while there will be some who don’t care, they are likely to avoid your music in the future.

And to top it all off, Spotify has strategies for catching bots. Its technology monitors users’ listening patterns and alerts users to strange behaviour, such as nonstop, repetitive streaming of several songs and playlists. If you buy 1000 Spotify plays, Spotify will probably notice this unusual activity, and your account may be affected.

In the end, purchasing streams may cost you more than just money—it may cost you your reputation. Therefore, consider whether it is worthwhile to jeopardise what you have achieved thus far for a few enhanced figures that will probably decline once you stop paying for these services. You get to make a choice. 

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