Easy DIY Designs for Nail Art at Home-Buy Nail Art Brushes Online

Do you like nail art, but don’t know how to do it? Keeping in mind the expensive rates of professional nail art and gel manicures, DIY nail art at home is an economical option for you. But the important point is can you do nail art by yourself? To do nail art DIY, you need essential items like nail colors, nail brushes, etc. You can easily buy nail art brushes online. 

What is Nail Art? 

Nail art is a unique way of painting, decorating, enhancing, and embellishing nails. It is a nail art that can be done on the fingernails and toes. It is usually done after a manicure or pedicure. Manicures and pedicures are nail care treatments that include trimming, shaping, and polishing. 

Different techniques are used to do nail art. These methods classify nail art. It includes sponging, taping, painting or drawing with brushes, digital nail art, and so on. Depending on the techniques, you need multiple things to do nail art. For prepping your nails before nail art, you need basic cleaning and trimming your nails with trimmers or cutters. . It would help if you also had nail buffer, nail oil, base coat, nail paints, gel paints, nail art brushes, and other nail accessories for nail decoration. 

What Are The Easy DIY Designs For Nail Art? 

Doing nail art is not very difficult. But it needs creativity and new ideas. You can watch different tutorials online to get these ideas. But for beginners, there are some easy DIY nail art designs. They can be easily done with easy nail art tools like brushes. If you are searching for nail art brushes in the UK, you can easily buy them online. 

Use Stickers For Nail Art: 

You’re not alone if you struggle to create nail art by yourself. It isn’t easy to paint intricate designs on your nails. No matter how steady your hand is, it’s difficult to draw straight lines and complex shapes for French tips or geometric patterns. There are many nail stickers available online. They are designed to help you create neater, more professional-looking nail art. In your local cosmetic store, look for stencil-like nail stickers. They will not harm your nails but they may not take top coat well and curl up. However, a hard smoothing down and double topcoat appear to do the trick.

If you can’t find pre-made stickers with the design you want, you can make your own using standard Scotch tape. To get the best results from your stickers or tape, apply a base coat to your nails and allow it to dry before gently pressing the stickers onto the surface of your nail. Allow the polish you used to cover the sticker to dry completely before peeling it off and sealing your look with a clear top coat. 

Use Crafts And Accessories: 

Rhinestones and plastic jewels come in an infinite number of colors and sizes. To add a striking elegance to your manicure, use acrylic nail glue to adhere these jewels over a base coat of polish. Alternatively, get a container of colorful loose glitter. For a flashy, party-ready look, sprinkle the glitter over the top of your painted nails and seal it in with a clear top coat. You can make designs with your nail art brushes and glitter on your nail polish. 

Moreover, you can also add accessories like beads, feathers, etc. to your nail art. 

Use Sponge: 

Do be a pessimist if you lack the skills to work with intricate floral designs and geometric patterns. You can still create beautiful nail art by experimenting with different polish colors. 

Begin by snipping a small section from an old kitchen or makeup sponge. Apply a light neutral or pastel color to your nails. Allow the first layer to dry before dabbing your sponge in a brighter or darker polish shade. And slightly start dabbing it over your nail. Apply the polish to the entire nail for a speckled effect. This way, you can create a gradient of colors by applying the second color only to the tip or base of your nails.

Use Nail Art Brushes: 

Polka dots are one of the simplest nail art designs to achieve using nail art brushes. However, there is plenty of room to experiment with these creative patterns in new ways.

Paint your nails with a clear base coat and add one or two dots with the thin nail brush to the base for an elegant, low-key look. Alternatively, give French tips a classy twist by lining the tips of your nails in a straight row of polka dots. To achieve even polka dots, use the round tip of a bobby pin lightly dipped in polish. 

But professional nail artist’s use nail art brushes. They give a professional and stylish look to your nail art. If you are looking for nail art brushes online, you can find them on various online platforms in different sizes and shapes. 


To give yourself a stylish look, you should start caring for your nails. Nails are the fundamental beauty enhancer in your personality. And nail art is the best way to give a glamorous look to your nails. As professional nail art is very expensive, you can also try it at home. Doing DIY nail art is the easiest solution. You can buy nail art brushes online and start experimenting with your nails. Different crafts, sponges, pins, and household items are useful in creating new nail art designs. 

If you are looking for the best nail art brushes in the UK, you can check out the vast collection at Cally Cosmetics. 

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