Benefits Of Hotel Management Mobile Apps For Hotel Owners

When it comes to the hotel industry, numerous departments must be properly managed at all stages. To provide your guests with the best possible experience during their stay, all departments must collaborate. So the question is, how are you going to manage all of these things at once while also keeping a record of everything? It will become more difficult if your hotel business expands and you are manually managing everything.

At this time, there is a need for a Hotel Management mobile apps solution to help you get out of the cumbersome solution. You can benefit from the system in several ways, some of which are listed below:

Simplifying Front Desk Office Tasks

A Hotel Management mobile app allows you to check the status of your room in real time. At the same time, it allows front desk staff to update the booking of the room based on availability, guest requirements, cleanliness, and other factors. The front desk office system can also handle the items requested by guests and will automatically redirect them to the appropriate department to meet their needs within the time frame specified.

For example, some guests in room 203 requested food by calling the front desk. The front desk simply enters the order mobile app, which sends the order directly to the hotel department, where it is fulfilled on the spot and delivered directly to the guest room within the specified time frame.

Enables Distribution

Making your presence known in the hotel distraction industry is a difficult task today due to the high level of competition. When traveling, guests have a variety of lodging options, including OYO, Airbnb, and others. The only way to stay ahead of your competitors is to increase your visibility. A custom Hotel Management mobile apps solution can help you list your hotel system across various portals to increase your visibility and get more orders.

Simultaneously, mobile apps allow for the uniform maintenance of a centralized room inventory across all channels.

Helps Taking Online Reservation

A Hotel Management mobile app, in conjunction with a hospitality management mobile app, allows customers to quickly check hotel prices, refund policies, locations, and more via the website or mobile application. At the same time, hotels can provide their guests with occasional discount coupons and more when booking the hotel directly through your portal, which saves you the commission that you would have to pay if the booking came from another source.

Increasing Multi-Tasking

A hotel with a small staff can manage multiple tasks at the same time using an automated system in the hospitality industry. They can also manage group check-ins and checkouts, as well as reservation confirmation via email and SMS, among other things.

It also makes it easier to coordinate with multiple departments, solve problems raised by guests, and keep track of guests, their preferences, and more.

Centralized Hotel Management

The current trend is to use a hotel management mobile app. Anyone regardless of location, which has a computer and an active internet connection can use a login id and password to access the centralized system. Everyone benefits from the centralized approach. Housekeeping can update the status of the room, the kitchen department can fulfill the guest’s request, and upon successful delivery, the status can be updated. A task can be quickly assigned to a specific person, who will be notified via their system and even their mobile application.

Because of its centralized system, it is a more transparent system that minimizes any loss caused by a lack of communication. A web-based Hotel Management mobile app is simple to use because it does not require extensive training and thus maximizes revenue.

What is the main purpose of the hotel management system?

A hotel management mobile app (PMS) is software that facilitates a hotel’s reservation management and administrative tasks. The most important functions include front-desk operations, reservations, channel management, housekeeping, rate and occupancy management, and payment processing.

How can Servr benefit your hotel?

Servr can benefit you in the following ways:

Increased income:

  • Increased orders allowing guests to book or order from anywhere, at any time.
  • Offer bespoke targeted promotions directly on the guest’s phone.
  • Data collection allows for a great collection and understanding of guest habits, preferences, and requests.

Reduced Costs:

  • Operate with more staff efficiency, while offering the highest level of guest satisfaction.
  • Data collection provides precise analysis of guests’ buying habits, allowing for more efficient inventory and wastage management.

Improve Guest Satisfaction.

  • No queues at check-in and check-out.
  • No missed calls or orders, ever, using our proprietary alert & status tracking system.

Allows for more personalized face-to-face check-in time with guests.

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