10 Workplace Distractions that are

Unhealthy for Employees

No matter if you’re at your own home, in the coffee shop, or at a bustling office, distractions are an integral part in the modern workplace. In certain situations, distractions can be a great way to overcome a slump called cognitive fixation. It is important to remember that we are interruptions every eleven minutes, and it takes us 25 minutes to get our brains to return to the primary task, workplace distractions must be minimized as much as it is.

Based on a study conducted by Udemy, workplace distractions can affect productivity, performance, and the likelihood of. To take advantage of these interruptions, employees work more efficiently. An UC Irvine study shows that this can cause stress and even anger. In fact, even a small interruption can double the error rate of an employee. In other words, constant distractions do not just impact the bottom of the line. They can be harmful to a person’s health.

What are the best ways to deal with these workplace distractions prior to they become a problem?

It is essential to begin by identifying the issue that is causing a distraction to your team. Understanding the source of distraction and the way it’s happening can assist you in creating plans to stop the interruptions. Here are ten of the most frequently encountered distractions that you must be aware of in your workplace.

  • Hyper-connectivity

The constantly-connected culture can disrupt everything from relationships between people to productivity and time management at work. There is a constant pressure to not only log in with friends and family, but also to check out the most recent information, articles or status reports. Since the average user spends more than 24 hours per each week on social media, it’s nearly all day per week disoriented and distracted.

  • Non-productive Meetings

Office workers are expected to spend an average of 31 hours a month at meetings. Meetings are part of daily life. If they’re not structured or unneeded it’s inviting employees to be distracted or multitasking them with social media.

  • Congested Workspace

A messy work space can hamper productivity in many different ways. The search for things you require throughout the day can be a massive time-waster. Not to mention excessive clutter drains your brain power that you require to concentrate on your work.

  • Email

Email is among the most used workplace communication tools. While it is the ability to easily send lengthy messages or to inform many coworkers, it could be a hassle. Inboxes that are stuffed with spam, overflowing inboxes and the effort required to tidy it down can distract you from the work you’re doing. Utilize an instant messaging app to communicate with your business clients instead. Instant messaging helps you to more efficiently keep your employees updated and improve productivity, usually using the same platform.

  • Social Media

Social media can be a double-edged weapon. It’s a fantastic marketing tool as well as an excellent channels for customer support. However, its impact on productivity isn’t great particularly since many employees work for hours every day logging onto their preferred networks.

  • Too Much time in the Office

There is a widespread belief that staying up late at work or getting up earlier, is the method to accomplish more. However, while this approach may yield dividends in the short-term but doing it regularly can lead to burnout, and a host of other health-related problems like bad sleep, cognitive issues, and irritation.

  • Application for Unsecure Communications

Everybody has their own favorite messaging app for free. However, using them at the workplace is a massive distraction. Every notification can lead you to browse another GIF meme, GIF, or viral video before you respond with your own, which can stifle your productivity. Additionally, personal IMs include private images, files, and conversations that can easily be confused in the process of switching between chats that are private and those for work. Even worse the majority of free instant messaging apps are prone to security and privacy concerns as well as bugs and other advertisements.

  • Multitasking

Multitasking is a normal part of work. However, managing a heavy workload with an overly complicated toolkit could be a major strain, making it challenging to stay clear of distractions and focus fully on one task at a time.

  • Poor Motivation

Motivation is a problem for a variety of reasons, including poor workplace relationships or decision fatigue, as well as feeling, valued less, to name some. Whatever the cause, low motivation can undermine dedication to work and productivity in general which makes it easy for employees to be distracted either intentionally or unintentionally.

  • Delegation of the Function

Failure to appropriately delegate tasks not only keeps employees from focusing completely on their tasks but can also cause anxiety about work performance. The result is an unhappy team and stressed, as well as prone to poor performance.

Tips for increasing productivity

Here are some suggestions for employers to set up an environment that increases productivity:

  • Breaks should be scheduled. Encourage employees to have breaks throughout the day, but ensure they have a specific end time. This gives employees something to look toward, but will also let them know when it’s time to go to work.
  • Find people who are productive. Productivity can be infectious. Watching how colleagues stay productive can be a source of inspiration for other employees.
  • Go for a walk. If workers are having difficulty concentrating, make them take 10 or 20 minutes of stroll. Studies have shown that moderate exercise can boost the health of the brain.

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