How To Write A Great Script For You Explainer Video 

Don’t you have a friend who recommends watching numerous Netflix series and movies? Of course! All of us have that one friend. They are not referring to it because of the HD screen quality or transitions that catch the eye. However, the reason behind the reference is the great story that you can enjoy or can relate to. Likewise, your explainer video also needs a story that your target audience can find relevant. When watching the video, people connect with the messages you are conveying. Thus, having a script grabbing the attention is necessary. 

Almost every brand has included the idea of creating explainer videos to market its services and products. It is the aesthetic approach to convey your message and to let people remember it. People tend to remember stories that are different. Likewise, your brand needs to develop a script that captures their attention. Even when looking for whiteboard animation services, opt for a studio that provides a terrific script and storyline. Your script will dictate the direction of your visuals, requiring you to put effort into creating one. 


Any good script is the heart of your explainer video. Even with pleasing visuals to share, if your script is not up to the mark, people will lose interest in what you are offering. The way wheels allow any vehicle to move ahead smoothly. Likewise, your script is the wheel of your video, allowing it to reach the intended audience. However, it is also necessary to have a wheel that does not let you stop in the middle of nowhere. Subsequently, paying attention to its quality is important. Similarly, your script should be able to make you reach your final destination. 

  • The script adds to the purpose of the visuals. 
  • Make communication with your customers easier and more creative. 
  • Creates interest among your target audience. 

When communicating with the audience, you look for ways to make it natural and engaging. To cater to the purpose, an animation video has been added to ease the entire process. Thus, it demands your attention to a single animation video with a great script to target the audience at large. 


Consider your audience constantly. 

All your efforts in creating animations that stand out and a script worth reading are for your customers. Keeping your audience at the center from the initial stage to the final video will help you create a script that works well for them. Keeping your audience on the top will help you decide on your script’s tone, length and language. It will build a visual connection with your customers from the initial stage and further ease the process. 

Specify the purpose 

It is impossible to write a script without a determined purpose on which it will be based. When researching the target audience, you need to focus on purpose. Decide on whether you are creating brand awareness or marketing any product; what you want to achieve with the animated video must be clear to have a road map. 

Story structure matters 

Don’t you all stay up late, create imaginary stories in your mind, and wish you could bring them to life? Humans and their ability to create stories are unbeatable. Storytelling is an art; let your animation video be the canvas for it. Let people unfold the meaning of your story and understand what you are bringing to them. When collaborating with animation studios for whiteboard animation services, ask for a story structure to have an idea of what they are offering.

Let your mind create visuals. 

Your mind has the ability to create visuals that no animation software could make. With the message and structure in hand, now is the start of writing your script. Do not flood your script with words; work on keeping the emotions alive to strengthen the connection with your customers. Keeping it natural is the key to having an effective conversational tone. 

Give it the right end.

Even with exceptional dialogues and outstanding characters, movies need an ending their audience can enjoy. Likewise, your explainer video also needs to have an end that your target audience is expecting and is also leading to the aim you planned on achieving. Decide whether your video will implement an on-call-to-action strategy or end with a takeaway message for your customers. 


The dry and boring subjects even in school made us hate those. However, some teachers knew how to make it engaging with activities and videos. Likewise, conveying your brand information demands you to add engagement to it. Animated explainer videos are on the top to be aesthetically pleasing to the audience. 

A significant part of your business demands attention to all essential aspects. Determine your purpose and achieve it through visuals. 

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